With over 40 years of experience in aftermarket spare parts, we provide premium distribution services of PFI Bearings to our customers.

PFI Bearings is a dynamic American company with a global footprint and over 25 years manufacturing experience producing highest quality bearings.

From early days, with the production of electrical line bearings, up until today, with the production of over 2.000 different SKUs, PFI Bearings range has been increasing significantly, both in size, in coverage and in technological complexity.

PFI Bearings delivers OEM quality production, manufactured in our state-of-the-art plants, based on our American expertise and according to the most stringent international manufacturing standards.

PFI bearings can be used for agricultural, industrial and automotive (light, medium and heavy-duty) applications and our main bearing lines are alternator and starter bearings, A/C compressor bearings, clutch release bearings, transmission bearings, electrical motor bearings, differential bearings, tensioner bearings and wheel bearings.